Unity Works

is a newly developed Gift Giving organization, officially founded by Kimberly Nelson in 2017.

The Beginning

The organization began in Manassas, Virginia as a local project in which friends and families were asked to sponsor children in need for the Christmas holidays.


After four years of serving local communities for the holidays, the quarterly birthday program was established and has been operating successfully for more than a year.


The organization is now an official business offering those who want to give back, a unique way to show those in need, they care. If your organization would like to join our growing list of sponsors by partnering with us, please contact us. Our goal is to get more organizations and churches to join us in supporting local communities throughout the Virginia and Maryland area.

With more than 100 sponsors, we are able to serve hundreds of children and senior citizens in need for their birthday and other holidays.

Volunteers sign up to sponsor a child or senior citizen through our website or by contacting us via phone or email. They are then matched with a child or senior citizen based on their preferences.


Northern VA Family Service Healthy Families Program

Newport News Department of Human Services Healthy Families Program

2% Project of Woodbridge, VA

Breaking Beans

Keller Williams Realtor, Lorena Taylor

Legends Barber Shop, Newport News VA

Hops Taxi Services

Riverside Rehabilitation Center

Community Involved Seniors

For the Love of Others

Prince George’s Child Resource Center, Inc.

Lighten the Load

The Crispell House

Jumping Angels

Manassas City Public Schools

Heart and Soul

Bring Happiness and Joy to Children and Senior Citizens in Need